KTM Camps: Enduro Race Camp

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During our Enduro Camps, first of all we focus on exercises and improvement of the riding technical level. So, hard work on yourselves and on your riding technique. But learning is also fun and the ones who know us is already aware of that: this is not the usual long and boring training. The important thing is the pleasure of riding linked to the desire of improvement. The Enduro Camp is suitable to all riding levels. The first riding hours are useful for the trainer to understand the riding level of each participant and to divide the riders among homogenous groups. During the Camp we will face every kind of offroad technical exercise. Obviously each test will be faced differently according to the general riding level of the group. The training is suitable to all riders, from the beginner to the expert, and it is hold on paths, we have studied to underline the typical difficulties of the offroad riding.