KTM Adventure Tours: Toscana Mare (is back again)

Country: Month: Riding ability level: Motorcycle rental:
Italy 1+2+3

Level 1: Gravel lanes and open trails alternating with single trails without steep ascents or descents, and with the occasional detour on longer stretches of tarmac to avoid off-road sections that are too extreme. Suitable for novices.

Level 2: Gravel lanes with washouts and potholes, eroded open trails, occasional deep ruts, firebreaks, dry river courses, simple river crossings, single trails without steep ascents or descents. Suitable for novices.

Level 3: Rutted gravel lanes, eroded open trails with water holes, single trails with tight turns as well as extreme ascents and descents, demanding river and stream crossings. With longer, easier passages in between. Riding experience in the area recommended.

not available

Donoratico lies in the green rolling hills between Livorno and Grosetto, a region most travelers usually only see from the highway as they speed towards their ultimate destination. A sparsely populated and gentle landscape, in which life continues at a more leisurely pace than in the far-off cities. Less gentle or leisurely is an Enduro tour in Donoratico. Tracks and trails that are only partly maintained demand a great deal from the rider. Mostly we find ourselves in undergrowth-strewn forests, yet these secluded hills reward us with breathtaking views stretching out to the deep-blue Mediterranean. At night we relax in stylish, rustic inns and satisfy our souls with traditional Italian cuisine.


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