KTM Adventure Tours: Corsica Tour

Country: Month: Riding ability level: Motorcycle rental:
France 2+3

I already have offroad experience, I can overcome easier obstacles alone and I'm seeking further challenges. I want to ride a lot, be challenged, learn more and make progress - no pain, no gain! I can expect to find dirt tracks, single trails, but also demanding, sweat-inducing terrain with hardcore sections where I can broaden my horizons.

I ride offroad regularly and I'm pretty fit. I also dare to take on the toughest terrain. I can expect to find rock ledges, ruts, loose rubble, slippery surfaces - also frequently combined with steep ascents or descents. Even some sections that the group can only overcome with team spirit. I can bring along the right amount of courage, cold-bloodedness and a swift riding style.

not available

Corsica - a magnificent island ideally suited for organising new tours. After Sicily, Sardinia and Cyprus, Corsica rises as the fourth largest Mediterranean island like a mountain out of the sea, topped by the 2706m Monte Cinto. It's breathtaking how the contrasting countryside of the French island captivates the enduro rider, providing seemingly endless routes to be travelled.