KTM Adventure Tours: Kini's Oasis Rallye Tour

Country: Month: Riding ability level: Motorcycle rental:
Tunisia March 2+3+4

Level 2: Gravel lanes with washouts and potholes, eroded open trails, occasional deep ruts, firebreaks, dry river courses, simple river crossings, single trails without steep ascents or descents. Suitable for novices.

Level 3: Rutted gravel lanes, eroded open trails with water holes, single trails with tight turns as well as extreme ascents and descents, demanding river and stream crossings. With longer, easier passages in between. Riding experience in the area recommended.

Level 4: Slopes, scree, deep sand, ruts, slippery ground: There is difficult terrain like this, as well as steep ascents and descents to master. Also on the itinerary: Mud holes, steep slopes, slope traversing and fast riding. Regular riding experience in the area required.


Follow Heinz and Klaus Kinigadner on the trail of the legendary Oasis Rally and learn everything you need to know about the rally riding. For everyone who feels like taking part, there is a harmless "learning objectives test," where you can directly put what you learned into action: navigating yourself, staying dust-free, and choosing your own pace! In addition, of course, you will have enough time to discover Tunisia at its offroad best. The KTM-KINI Rally Team will take care of everything else you normally need to pay attention to: motorcycle transport from the collection point (KTM KINI shop in Wiesing/Tirol), medical care, food, spare parts service – all of this will be taken care of in the best possible way. More on www.oasis-rally.com/termine-3

02 March
- 09 March

DAYS : 8


Price from 2.100,00 EUR