: Land der Wikinger

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Norway August

NORWAY Experience the essence of Norwegian nature up close and personal with your Enduro. Like the Vikings of old, we travel across the sea from Kiel to Norway, taking the same route bakc again. The tour sets off from Oslo and takes you around the fjells (mountains) and fjords of Norway. The region is known for its culture, huge areas of untouched mountain landscape and unique nature experiences such as waterfalls, rivers, lakes and lush valleys. We arrive at our accommodation points Lillehammer, Lærdal, Rjukan and Sandefjord Oslo in adventure mode on partially private gravel roads (35 %) and small roads; we experience summer, fall and winter within a few hours . Since the days are extra-long in summer there is plenty of time to get to know our Viking hosts over a delicious meal with drinks.

07 August
- 14 August

DAYS : 8

Price from 2.390,00 EUR