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Austria May
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The time has come, the TNT Cup package is ready to race - the racing series for all brands!

Racing at a high level - license free - safe - uncomplicated - for everyone !

5 appointments on 5 different racetracks + 1 Season Closing raceevent incl.   - only available in the TNT Cup 2024 by GAP Motorsport.

The package counts towards the annual overall rating - the package is only available in limited quantities and is only valid while stocks last.There is a suitable racing class for every motorcycle and the right classification for every riding level - regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional! Of course, open to all brands!

TNT -  CUP Events  2024:

03.-05. Mai                Most
24.-26. Mai                Pannonia
07.-09. June              Brünn
12.-14. July               Rijeka
09.-10. Aug.              Red Bull Ring

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01 May
- 30 September

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Brünn / Czech Republic

Flying out of the pit lane, you hit the 180° bend at the end of the start/finish straight, which is taken with plenty of speed. Those who know Brno know that there's a bump in the track here. Since there's a slight incline at the exit from the curve, "straightening up early" is the order of the day for maintaining as much momentum as possible. The gentle left curve can be taken at full speed and makes no demands of the rider. The following left/right combination is steered into as late as possible, keeping to the left of the bump. Experts make use of the whole width of the track when accelerating out of this set of bends. You fly fully loaded into turn 4, braking on the outside. Pros straighten up in the 180° bend so that they can open up the throttle again; beginners take the curve in a wide arc. This section of the track is described by insiders as "Omega" .The next left is taken sharply, then the following left/right combination very late, straightening up early on the way out to maintain momentum onto the next straight. The right turn (beware the adverse camber!) at the end of the straight is negotiated again with plenty of speed, the track passing through a slight depression before entering the (left/right) chicane, through which the inside line is taken. Momentum is particularly important in this case, seeing as the chicane leads into an uphill stretch. Power, power and even more power is the magic formula here.


Pannonia Ring / Hungary

The Pannonia Ring near Sarvar in Hungary. About 100 km southeast of Vienna. Reputedly also home to, but primarily a play area for Austria’s leading motorcycle racer, Andreas Meklau. Also referred to simply as "Pan" or "Pannonia". 
A state-of-the-art racetrack that complies with all safety requirements and demands the most of every rider. Fast sections alternate suddenly with slow passages, rapid changes of direction, inclines – and unfortunately a few bumps in the road as well. The infrastructure is best equipped for events of every type.

Rijeka - Automotodrom Grobnik / Croatia

Close to the Adriatic coast of Croatia, in the mountains above Rijeka, lies the Automotodrom Grobnik, better known by the name of "Rijeka" after the nearby port.
Automotodrom Grobnik is a splendid motorcycle racetrack with endless grip. There are very few racing circuits that supply the right amount of grip even in the wet. You can only find that in Rijeka! The track is ridden very smoothly over an outstanding course with several tricky sections, but also some that really get the adrenalin pumping, along with the best racetrack esses in the world.


Oschersleben / Deutschland

Der Kurs in der Magdeburger Börde gilt als Rennstrecke, die sich relativ leicht „erlernen“ lässt. Er ist sehr eben, hat keine „blinden Ecken“ und guten Grip. Einige Passagen – etwa die „Dreifach-Links“ – erschließen sich jedoch auf Anhieb weder dem Einsteiger noch dem Fortgeschrittenen. Daher sollte man sich beim „Erfahren“ des anspruchsvollen Kurses ausreichend Zeit lassen. Am Besten baut man zu Anfang auf die Erfahrung eines Instruktors. Die Streckensicherheit in Oschersleben entspricht den heutigen Standards, und der Kurs bietet ausreichend Auslaufzonen.


Slovakia Ring / Slovakia

The Slovakiaring is a new, spacious motor racing circuit about 50 kilometres south of Bratislava. The racetrack is an unbelievable 5800 m in length, i.e. 400 metres longer than Brno, and 12 metres wide. The 900 metre long finishing straight is 22 metres wide.

Red Bull Ring Spielberg / Austria

The track is located in Aichfeld, Upper Styria, and surrounded on three sides by slopes that are used in part as natural grandstands. This arena character results on the one hand in a great overview of the whole circuit and, on the other, in a very special atmosphere at the races.


Most / Czech Republic

The Polygon has an area of 13 hectares. Thanks to its equipment and training methodology, it is the most modern facility of its kind in Central Europe.



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