KTM Adventure Tours: Croatia Country

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Croatia 3+4

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CROATIA The picturesque town of Marija Bistrica is not only a famous place of pilgrimage for devout Catholics, it is now also a place for ambitious KTM riders. The reason for the former is the wonder of the statue of the Holy Mother of God. The reason for the latter is the miraculous and breathtaking scenery that surrounds the small town: Many single tracks look like they were man-made as competition routes. The fact that the trails are almost free of stones is quite atypical for Croatia. Enduro fans leave the excitement and challenges of the day behind and relax in a beautiful wellness hotel with a sauna and massages and replenish their spent energies with traditional local and international dishes. There is no better place to experience Croatian culture than here, far away from mass tourism. Zagreb airport is about 45 km away. A transfer can be set up upon request.